·  The cell has been initiated with the main objective of creating an effective organizational structure for improving the status of women in the institution.

·  The committee shall advise the administration about a broad range of issues and concerns that influence women's lives and status in the institution.

Long term goals

1. Equity for women in the organization with respect to study, work, recreation and compensation.

2.  Specific strategies for women to achieve upward mobility.

3. Strategies for increasing the representation of women throughout upper levels of the organization and in areas where women are generally under represented.

4. Educational programs regarding gender equity, work life balance etc.,

5.    To analyze and collect a variety of information to gain a more complete and valid assessment of the status of women in the institution.

Objectives of the grievance cell:

2. The Cell shall process all the individual complaints and take immediate suitable action.

3.  The Cell will provide assistance for taking preventive steps in the matter of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

4.   The Cell may form / review the guidelines / policy for redressal of the grievance as required from time to time, which may be in accordance with those issued by Supreme Court and Government Agencies.


Grievance Redressal Procedure:

1.Any women employee or female student will have the right to lodge a complaint concerning sexual harassment against a male student or the employee of  the institute by writing a letter or putting the complaint in the Principal’s office.

2.The complaint will be confidential at this stage.

3.The Principal will transfer the complaint to the In-charge of the Grievance cell.

4.The In-charge will convene the meetings and conduct preliminary investigation and enquiry.

5.The grievance committee shall then decide the course of action to proceed after hearing the opposite party.

6. The complaint will stand dropped if the committee after an enquiry will not be able to prove prima-facie an offence of sexual harassment to the complainer /her representative by the offender.

7. Incase the grievance committee decides to proceed with the complaint, the wishes of the complainer shall be ascertained and if the complainer wishes that  a warning will suffice then alleged offender shall be called to the meeting of the grievance committee, heard and if satisfied that a warning is just and  proper, he will be warned about his behavior and non-occurrence of it. In case the complainer requests that the complaint should be proceeded with  beyond a warning, the same may be proceeded with in the manner prescribed hereafter.

8.Any frivolous/ vexatious complaint lodged against the accused shall be viewed seriously after appropriate enquiry. The committee shall have the right to decide upon the course of action thereafter.

Procedure beyond warning:

1.  If the complainer wishes to proceed beyond a mere warning to the accused, the accused shall be given in writing by the grievance committee an opportunity to explain within one week why he should not be, for good and sufficient reasons, be punished for the act of sexual harassment on his part.

2. If the written explanation of the accused is not found to be satisfactory or if he does not provide any written explanation, the grievance committee will decide whether the offence deserves a minor penalty or a major penalty.

3. In the event that the grievance committee deciding that the accused be imposed a minor penalty, the said penalty will be recommended by the grievance committee to the Principal for decision.

4.  If the grievance committee reaches a conclusion that the accused in case if his guilt proved, should be imposed a major penalty, it shall make a recommendation of action. If the accused is an employee, he may be placed under suspension.

5.   If a person is charged with physical molestation or rape in institution premises, he shall be immediately placed under suspension pending the completion of the investigation and enquiry. Appropriate actions can be initiated as per the laws of Indian penal code.

Punishment for sexual harassment

1.    Any member of the institute fraternity (student/employee/outsider related to institute)found guilty of sexual harassment shall be liable to be punished. This shall be subject to the same penalties for major or minor misconduct as prescribed under government/university rules.

2.    A student guilty of sexual harassment shall be liable for any of the following penalties:

  1.                  Warning or reprimand.

  2.                  Suspension from the institution for an appropriate term as decided by the Committee.

  3.           Debarment from appearing for the examination for a period up to three years.

  4.           Rustication from the university as the case may be.

  5.           Any other punishment as defined by the government/university act.


The Principal will be the Chairman of the Cell and will appoint members of the cell on discussion with Heads of the Department.

Schedule of Meetings:

· The cell will meet at least once every academic year.

· Other than that, emergency meeting shall be called on receipt of a complaint.

· The quorum for the meeting should be at least one third of the total members.

Files to be maintained:

· Agendas and minutes of the meetings.

· Grievances/complaints received.

· Enquiry reports, if any.

· Solution offered and letter of acceptance from the aggrieved.

(Based on UGC regulations)