Department- Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is one of the leading Departments of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Department offers the following programmes of study:

  1. Ph.D. (Synthetic organic Chemistry)
  2. M.Sc. (Directed Distance Education under Vidyasagar University)
  3. B.Sc. (Hons and Gen)

The Department comprises of highly competent faculty members(07) including five Assistant Professors, One Associate Professors and One Govt. Approved Part-Time Teacher. Each faculty is actively engaged in Teaching, research work and has published several research papers in reputed peer reviewed Journals during last five years. Our department has well decorated class room and organic, inorganic, physical chemistry laboratory. The departmental faculties regularly attain seminars/ conferences in different discipline. The Department possesses many sophisticated research Instruments including: UV-Spectophatometer (JASCO) Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (PTI); Rotary evaporator; Low Temperature Bath (up to -900C) and others.

The following subjects are taught in our department

Inorganic Chemistry: Chemical bonding, Acid-Base,Redox reaction,Atomic structures, Radio activity, s-p block elements, Lanthanide Luminescent complexes; 4f-4f absorption, paramagnetic lanthanide complexes; Macrocyclic and supramolecular complexes and metal containing polymers; Anticancer activity of Metal complexes.

Organic Chemistry: Fundamental problem in organic molecules, Reaction mechanism, Substitution, Addition of carbonyl and alkene, Synthetic studies of organic molecule, carbohydrate chemistry, pericyclic reaction, photochemistry, Stereochemistry, Amino acids and peptides,Nucluic acids, Heterocyclic compounds, Anti-amoebic activity of natural products and metal complexes; Natural dyes; Simple and chiral separations by liquid chromatography; Stereoselective synthesis of organic compounds and Development of Anticancer Drugs. Spectroscopy (Uv, IR, NMR)

Physical Chemistry: Physical properties of gas molecules,Themodynamics, Surface tension, Viscosity, Chemical Kinetics, catalysis, Chemical Equilibrium, Conductance, quantum mechanics, Photochemistry, Crystallography, Phase equilibrium.

Industrial Chemistry: Polymer science, chromatographic technique, Application of fuel, Paint and varnish, Water, Cement etc.

Chemistry Department Faculties

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile No
1 डॉ युगल किशोर चंद्रा, Ph.dChemistryPrincipal9617915868

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